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Waiting Room Management

COVID-19 Screening

Demographic Collection

Insurance Information Collection

Multi Language



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Everything in Pilot

Custom Health History Forms

CHADIS Surveys



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Everything in Lite

PMS/EHR Integration

*All prices are per provider

Transform your check-in system today!

Serve more patients while maintaining social distance.

Free up your team to collect co-pays and schedule appointments.

Save hours of time - quicker than phone or text check-ins.

Patients love it - Over 80% use the app from day one.

Why are we doing this?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, an alarming number of patients delayed essential in-person healthcare visits. Dental care designed to prevent future complications took on a new urgency.

To give patients the peace of mind to keep their well-visits, check ups and immunization appointments, we’ve decided to make our app free for a limited time to select providers. It's our way of saying "Thanks" and giving back to all of you on the front lines.

Your founding membership will help us improve our quality of service for a paid mass-market release at a later date. As our way of saying thanks for your early adoption, the service will always be 100% free to you and your patients.