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Simplify check-in & optimize patient flow

With GetDoctor, patients are fully prepared for check-in when they arrive. You no longer need to post signs, answer phone calls, or deal with early walk-ins. The app makes contactless check-in simple, efficient, and safe.

We remind patients to download the GetDoctor before their appointment. And we'll guide them through the simple check-in process-right from their car. After your patients complete a COVID screening on their mobile devices, you invite them into the office when you're ready.

Why We Created GetDoctor

The COVID-19 pandemic drove our mission to keep our communities and providers healthy. But our tool goes beyond restoring patient confidence: teams will appreciate decreased workloads and increased efficiency for years.

Drawing on a lifetime of software and app development, countless hours, and sleepless nights, we designed the most streamlined patient check-in system on the market.

More than 102,000 satisfied patients

Countless doctors, assistants, hygienists, and administrative staff love GetDoctor, too.

5 star reviewWith GetDoctor, I was fully prepared to check-in when I arrived. My doctor didn't have to deal with a phone call or an unexpected early walk-in.
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Joshua Owen

Gainesville, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes GetDoctor different?

Unlike other healthcare apps and patient portals, GetDoctor is simple – even for those without tech skills.

Does GetDoctor sell our information?

Absolutely not! We know there are a lot of scams out there in the unregulated world of healthcare apps. At GetDoctor, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and will never compromise your information.

How does GetDoctor protect information?

GetDoctor uses a state-of-the-art encryption protocol to keep your patient’s data secure.

Transform your check-in system today!

Serve more patients while maintaining social distance.

Free up your team to collect co-pays and schedule appointments.

Save hours of time - quicker than phone or text check-ins.

Patients love it - Over 80% use the app from day one.